Writing, lots of it

Today I was working on a paper for my composition class– fun, right?

The question that I was answering though, I found pretty interesting to think about. My topic was “How creativity is affected when an artist is alienated from society.”

And honestly it had me thinking about my habits for making things. When I want to get things done, I wait until night time, lock my door, turn off the lights, and turn on some music. Whether or not I’m tired in this state doesn’t have a huge effect on what I come up with, and in some cases it even seems to help.

A lot of the writing was just me regurgitating what I stated previously, because spreading it onto as many pages as possible is not exactly something I’m great at. Usually, when I want to explain something- or just say something- I say it in as few words as possible. Of course, I’m trying to make this more enjoyable to read, so it’s not as concise as possible, but it’s a lot more condensed than what I was doing with the paper.

This version of the paper is just meant as a rough draft, but coming up with everything and putting it together was pretty difficult. I’m not very skilled at writing, at least academically, but I find it pretty fun. I’ve tried doing a blog before, though development wasn’t really something I touched on with that, which I hope to do more on this one.

As of writing this, the site isn’t exactly real pretty, it’s a real minimalist theme that I’m just using for now until I can come up with or find something better. Not exactly related to the rest of this post, but I just want to state that, as it’s been bothering me. Tomorrow will probably be a post about development with Kotlin, as I kind of started looking into Ktor and I’m thinking of working on a simple Slack App (bot?) integrated with Jira.

But today I didn’t get a much of anything done development wise. I setup IntelliJ on my external hard drive and I looked at Linux distros, but not much else. I found that the Solus distro was one of my favorites look wise, though I haven’t really looked into anything other than looks so far. 😛


One of the highlights of my day though was making two friends in my calculus class. They’re both Software Engineering majors, one a guy, one a girl. They’re pretty cool so far, and both had interesting things to talk about with development.

I kind of just skimmed past it, but I thought meeting a girl in Software Engineering in person was really cool, as I’ve never met a girl in SE (Going to call Software Engineering SE because that’s a mouthful) before, and I think girls in engineering fields are just plain badass.

Anyhow that’ll about wrap up this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed, and I hope you look forward to my next posts