An Update

I’ve been really spotty on checking back to this blog, and have gone back and forth with a draft post though nothing ever became of it. Lately I’ve been looking at trying to get a job somewhere interesting because I’d love to lease a Model 3 Tesla, though it might be tough with school.

One of the places I’ve been looking at is the Tesla dealership near my house, which would be awesome. The only issue so far is that it might be either 18+ to apply or there might not be any open positions. One of the workers I met there was really cool and he goes to the same school as me.

A couple of the places I’ve been looking at seemed like they’d be really cool but they were full time positions. Still getting the hang of LinkedIn and what my specialties are considered. As a whole, looking at the different positions and whatnot has been a pretty humbling experience, reminding me just how much I don’t know.

Not much else to say, just wanted to get a post out finally. See you next time!