Challenges Reflection

Perspectives on Grand Challenges for Engineering

This semester, I took a course called `Perspectives on Grand Challenges for Engineering,` which covered the main challenges faced in engineering. We did some research in each of the areas, and looked at some previous projects that have attempted these challenges (The Play Pump, for one). The main challenges that I found interesting were Joy of Living and Health. Because of my struggles with mental health, finding the joy in life can sometimes be very difficult. While I was working on an assignment on Joy of Living, I was extremely excited for the future that could await us, and yet, days later I saw the Metaspace talk. To say the least, I'm somewhat worried the future I'm looking forward to might not be what I imagine.

Impact of Current Efforts to Solve Global Challenges

This was a really fun project to work on, and is part of what I referenced above. My topic was Joy of Living, and I did a lot of research on Virtual Reality and Natrual Language Proccessing. These could both possibly be huge parts of our future, and at present, they're kind of in the background. Work has been done for years now on both topics, and they are both still getting new techniques and research added to their inventory. What I was looking into was how these could be implemented in our lives, and how they might impact what we do in the future.

The full presentation can be found here (PDF) or here (Google Slides).

Future Solutions

The Future Solutions project was one that required us to be inventive, to come up with some kind of technology for the future. The solution identified was a data transmitter that used Quantum Entanglement to send data, rather than the internet. The main impact this would have at first is near instantaneous transfer of data across the world. Primarily for businesses, this would help keep peace of mind with security of important documents and data collected from users. If we eventually encode life into data, then we could almost transmit ourselves anywhere, instantly. My main takeaway from this project was how creative I can get when prompted, especially when it came down to coming up with a character that uses the device.

The poster can be found here (PDF).