Engineering Challenges


This year, I've actually learned some things about sustainability, especially since I've been in the dark of news. For example, 20% of the world's largest companies set a 2050 goal of net-zero emissions. This is great, just that some companies at least are not going to follow through in this goal.

Between that and the Play Pumps, it's clear how humans usually deal with things before having a solid plan set in stone.


I've always wanted to go to Switzerland for their beautiful landscape, but knowing they have some of the best healthcare in the world is a nice thing to add to the list. Even non-residents have to have some provider by their 3rd month there. It's a universal system, but not paid for by taxes, rather, the individual. This is nice to know since I might eventually consider moving there, provided the political atmosphere isn't as toxic as the United States.

Seems like there's plenty of Software Engineering jobs too :)


Back on the topic of security, I learned about a security system for Andriod apps that uses Natual Language Proccessing to analyze coding patterns and detect malicious code before it is compiled. This is especially prevalent to me, as I have several Andriod devices, including my phone, reading tablet, TV, and VR headset.

Joy of Living

Previously, I had never actually consciously thought of ways to improve the way of life. Normally it's always been something that comes to mind as I go about things. Thinking of it now, it's quite ironic to try and think of ways to improve living when you can't even appreciate it in the first place. I have, however, thought of some neat ideas for Arduino projects and 3D prints to make through talking to my friends about things that could possibly improve.

"D*****, I don't think a gambling website would count as an improvement."