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Hi! I'm a student studying the field of software engineering and I have a passion for making things. Whether it’s: a utility program to sort my indie games found scattered across the internet, a bot that tracks my Skyblock coin balance, or making cool looking graphs in Minecraft, I am always teaching myself something new and learning more.

Favorite Projects

  • Dungeon Crawler - This was one of my favorite projects to work on, and it spurred a little bit of obsession over mazes later on
  • Notes Fabric - This was a port of the Notes mod that I made, trying to imitate it almost exactly, since the original was only on Forge. It was a labor of love, but I ended up losing the source and never had the ambition to remake it. You can find out more about that here.
  • Custom Enchants - Although it's quite old, (the original source was from over 6 years ago) this project was what made me realize that I really enjoy programming. It was a fun kind of puzzle that I didn't know all the answer to, but they were all within my reach. I read a really awesome book called Effective Java (2nd ed.) by Joshua Bloch that taught me a lot of different methods of doing things, and really taught me most of the Java I know.

Where to find me

  • Github - This is where you can find my public code and projects
  • LinkedIn - My online resume
  • Twitter
  • Discord - Xwy#7969

Airsoft Turret

A turret for airsoft, made from 3D printed parts

Indie Game Library

Indie Game Library is a Kotlin application to keep track of games and their progress.


My Minecraft mod for Fabric allowing players to create notes in game.


A Minecraft Dungeon Crawler

Minecraft Pull Requests

A plugin to allow players to create pull requests in-game with buildings.