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Hi! I'm a student studying the field of software engineering and I have a passion for making things. Whether it’s: a utility program to sort my indie games found scattered across the internet, a bot that tracks my Skyblock coin balance, or making cool looking graphs in Minecraft, I am always teaching myself something new and learning more. A more recent project I have been working on is a turret that I am designing from scratch using Autodesk software, a 3D printer, some simple soldering, and C++.

I started playing the online gaming platform, Roblox, 11 years ago, at the start of 2010. This was when my love for sandbox games first began. Although I mainly just played other player’s games at the time, it was still tons of fun to load up other people’s models and scripts and mess around on occasion. During 2011, I stumbled across a few inspiring Minecraft building timelapse videos. The main channel I watched was FyreUK, and I was fascinated with the idea of being able to pick up anything and place it anywhere else. This, plus the fact that there was a generated landscape to build on changed everything for me. A video of a Dwarven city built on the side of a cliff convinced me to finally get the game, and that’s when I fell down the rabbit hole. Minecraft has been a game that I have always come back to.

I didn’t learn to code until later on, but that didn’t stop me from loving the freedom plugins allowed me to have on a Bukkit server. This led me to make a long line of servers which gradually got better over the course of 9 years, until it reached the point where I started to create all the plugins I needed by my own hand. My most successful server was one of the last ones I made, which was around 4 years ago. On this server, I shared ownership with two other friends, but I solely developed while they used their Youtube following to promote the server. For the duration that it lasted, we had an active player base of around 20 players concurrently during most times of the day. I really enjoyed closely interacting with the community (my favorite event), and to this day some of the former players still message me occasionally to chat.




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Favorite Projects



June, 2020 - Present (Curseforge)

Notes Fabric is a Fabric mod made for Minecraft 1.15.2-1.16.5, which allows you to take notes in-game (or externally) and save them per-world, per-server, or globally. It's a port of the forge mod of the same name, Notes, and has racked up almost 900k downloads as of writing.

Notes main menu

Indie Game Library

October, 2020 - April, 2021 (Organization - ImOrganization)

I play a lot of different games. 267 on Steam, 161 on Epic Games, and 198 without an organizer. Of course, some of them I haven't gotten around to, and some have hardly any play time. But luckily, on Steam and Epic Games, I can keep track of my whole library easily. This isn't true for those indie games whose playerbase consists of a handful of players, though. These games have to either be on, or they are just hosted somewhere on the internet. That's where my little program comes in, sorting their downloads and information. I created this with one website in mind that I mainly go to, but there's masked download links and all that jazz, so here we are.

This project has gone through many iterations, but the main two versions are TornadoFX (JavaFX with Kotlin extensions), Dear ImGui (C++ -> Kotlin library). The original point was to organize my different games into an easily navigatable file structure, but then I was having fun and ended up with UI. The difficult part was to also include the different versions of games into the same folders, and to include the most common types of compression. In order to figure out what zip files were of the same game, I looked for the executable of the game and named it based off that (provided there wasn't a generic name).

TornadoFX verion

The TornadoFX rendition

Dear ImGui version

The Dear ImGui Rendition

Minecraft Graphing

March 22nd, 2021 (Github)

Although it was a short project, this one was one of my latest favorites cause it was a lot of fun to play around with. This plugin allows you to create 3D graphs in-game using particles. The idea came after my Calculus III class one day, since I realized I could make almost any shape if I just chained them together. At present, the plugin only supports one graph at a time, but it'd be pretty trivial to add in more.

Saddle function

Here's a saddle function (x^2 - y^2 - z = 0) made from the 'suspended' particles.

Saddle function

The same function with redstone particles instead.

Dungeon Crawler

Febuary, 2020 - March, 2020 (Github)

DungeonCrawler was inspired by both Minecraft Dungeons and Skyblock Dungeons. At the time of development, neither had been released, so my friend and I took a swing at making our own dungeon game mode. By the time we got around to making the main features, it was mainly me working on it, but he occasionally added a little feature here or there.

The dungeon prefabs are based off of chunk size builds located off on the side of the map, and there can be as many different ones as you'd like.


The bank, an upgradable storage.


Mites, a swarm type mob.

Exit Finder Loot

Exit finder, a tool to get through the dungeon faster.

Pet Bee

A pet bee, useful for automatically fighting mobs.

Pet Menu

The pet menu, useful for selecting your pet and viewing it's stats.

Overview of the Dungeon

An overview of a randomly generated dungeon. There's always at least one way out, though there are multiple exits.


Airsoft Turret

January, 2021 - Present

The airsoft turret is still a work in progress, but has been a labor of love (mentally and financially). The idea is to create an airsoft weapon capable of operating automatically, as well as manually. The controls are through my laptop, just using the arrow keys to turn and the spacebar to shoot. The range of motion is 360 degrees, however the current limitation is the central power cord getting wound up. This can be solved in a few ways, but finding one that works best for my budget and limited knowledge of mechanical design is very difficult. The whole thing runs on a Arduino Uno, uses 4 motors to move & shoot, has 2 cameras, and a lidar range finder.

cylindrical turret base with a cutout

The image above is the base, consisting of 5 gears and 11 regular parts: A grand total of ~2 weeks of constant 3D printing. For scale, the bottom outer diameter is 12 inches.

Rival Caliburn Nerf Gun

June, 2021 - July, 2021

This was a fun project just to put something together from someone else's design. The parts are by captainslug, and I ordered the springs and barrel parts from his Etsy shop. It was a ton of fun to put together, and it works surprisingly well over ~30 feet.

The 20 3D printed parts took a few weeks to get done, and some of them needed different densities of material so it took some trial and error. I tried to use a separate material - ABS - for some of the parts that needed more durability, but neither printer I have currently could handle it well.

sideview of the nerf gun

After a few breakages, this is the latest fixed version, with a real red dot sight fitting the picatinny rail.